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Are you excited that DodgeBall 2 is officially on the way? Who would you like to see play the sequel’s villain? Shout out your suggestions in the comments section below.

Omaze is giving fans the opportunity to choose between the Average Joe’s and Globo Gym’s Purple Cobras. What would you say to people to convince them to join the Purple Cobras?
It’s more like Omaze is giving people the chance to go with a Winner or a La-loser. And Purple Cobras have much cooler uniforms.

Occasionally, Vaughn takes a break from his syndicated radio show (“The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn”) to perform live in the US and Europe. He currently spends most of his time in the Mojave Desert of California.

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Look, I've had the luckiest career anyone can have. But that's how I feel. I just want to make great films. The judgement for me is would I sit in the cinema and think I got my money's worth. That's whether they're funny, scary, dramatic, whatever it is. Kingsman is the kind of film I'd really like to watch!

'Tis the season to be jolly… and to watch cheesy Christmas movies! From Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases, to Ben Affleck in Surviving ...

Raised in Florida, Ben Vaughn started cooking in his grandmother's kitchen before attending the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute where he learned from some of the country's finest chefs. After graduation, Ben moved on to become partner and chef at River Oaks restaurants and then owner of two critically acclaimed restaurants, Grace and Au Fond Farmtable, located in Memphis. Ben’s transition from chef to consultant was triggered by his passion for teaching others and his desire to pass along the valuable lessons he learned throughout his restaurant career. Ben lives in Atlanta, where he now dedicates his career to helping food establishments and is the culinary director and executive chef for Brewed to Serve Restaurant Group and White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails.

Ben Vaughn - Ben Vaughn Blows Your MindBen Vaughn - Ben Vaughn Blows Your MindBen Vaughn - Ben Vaughn Blows Your MindBen Vaughn - Ben Vaughn Blows Your Mind