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In 1967, Parks left Crowd +1 to become the musical director for The Sonny & Cher Show (the beginning of a long career as a session musician). He was replaced by Lee Pickens (b. December 8, 194?) – guitar. It was also at this time that Stevie Hill (b. Tulsa, Oklahoma) – keyboards/vocals joined the group. They continued as Crowd + 1 until 1969 (though some fans of the band recall the band briefly calling themselves Texas) when they changed their name to Bloodrock, conceived by Grand Funk Railroad manager/producer Terry Knight. They also recorded their first album, that Terry Knight produced, Bloodrock (Capitol ST-435). The album, released in March 1970, peaked at 160 on the Billboard 200 chart .

Pick Up the Pieces came about as we were starting to make a name for ourselves in Los Angeles. Hamish did the guitar line, Roger Ball came up with the first bit of the horn melody – and suddenly we had this instrumental. The legendary Jerry Wexler signed us to Atlantic and packed us off to Miami, where the equally legendary producer Arif Mardin recorded this instrumental jam.

Fatback is an important element of traditional charcuterie . In several European cultures it is used to make specialty bacon . Containing no skeletal muscle , this bacon is a delicacy.

The Fatback Band Fatback GigoloThe Fatback Band Fatback GigoloThe Fatback Band Fatback GigoloThe Fatback Band Fatback Gigolo